KPIsland takes engagement and productivity
to a whole different dimension, literally.

KPIsland synthesizes the user experience of a game with the utility of enterprise software


Regular Feedback

Provide and obtain regular personalized feedback through in-app messaging, surveys, and evaluations. Automate instant feedback via game-like pop-up notifications, responsive interface, and visual effects.
Increases engagement, efficiency, loyalty, and overall morale.

Performance Analytics

Visualize complex individual and company performance data through 3D models. Pinpoint strengths and problem areas with greater accuracy. Solve problems with agility and make better decisions with real-time productivity analytics. Increases efficiency.


Incentivize higher productivity and performance with digital rewards that can be redeemed for real world benefits, all within the app. Segment users and target specific rewards based on different levels of achievement. Increases motivation, loyalty, and retention.

Progress Indicators

Visualize progress towards one or more goals with each and every action. Compare performance against others to better understand core individual and team competencies. Increases motivation, autonomy, and participation.

Missions & Challenges

Communicate goals and define the primary actions to achieve those goals with more clarity. Assign missions to select groups or individuals in one location. Challenge others to perform critical tasks outside of their comfort zone. Increases autonomy, efficiency, and professional development.


Create a healthy culture of competition. Build synergistic teams that work toward a common goal. Publicly recognize individual and team performance through rankings, stats, and leagues. Segment talent based on their achievements. Increases motivation, transparency, accountability, and teamwork.

MAPFRE is a global insurance provider with 3000 offices and over 40,000 employees on all 5 major continents. See how MAPFRE uses KPIsland in their contact center operations across 37 countries.

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