A more engaging and effective training experience

GameBoard synthesizes the user experience of a game with the utility of learning management software.


Simple Course Management

Upload course content in any media format, including text, audio and video. Store, access, and edit course content from one location. Organize materials into units and create full-fledge courses. Separate course materials based on difficulty and skill level. Increases efficiency.


Incentivize subject matter competency and mastery through digital rewards that can be redeemed for real-world benefits. Collect powers by completing coursework and using those powers against competitors in duels. Increases motivation, participation and completion.

Web & Mobile

Access GameBoard from any mobile device. Courses and materials are accessible anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Let trainees learn on their own time and at their own pace. Increases efficiency and flexibility.

Progress Indicators

Visualize progress towards one or more goals with each and every action. Compare performance against others to better understand core individual and team competencies. Increases motivation, autonomy, and participation.


Create a competitive learning culture, where players form teams and compete head-to-head through a series of timed multiple choice questions. Compare individual and team performance based on rankings and stats. Increases participation, competency, teamwork, and retention.

Performance Analytics

Analyze individual and team learning outcomes. Identify subject matter experts and utilize them as in-house mentors and coaches. Ensure minimum organization-wide competency in critical subject areas. Increases efficiency, training quality, and competency.

Martinez is a family-owned processed meat producer located in the Southeast region of Spain with over 2800 employees. See how Martinez used GameBoard for safety and environmental compliance training at all levels, from floor-level production to high-level management.

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